Ceramics Care Advice


Placing rubber or plastic mats on large stainless steel surfaces usually found in industrial kitchens can help reduce metal marking to ceramics. Rubber or plastic mats can also be placed in stacking areas, trolleys or sinks to further reduce the chance of metal marking. Replace or repair any plastic coated racks that may have become worn and the metal underneath exposed, as this again could cause damage to your ceramics.


Don’t scrape off leftovers – wipe off with a paper towel or a plastic/rubber scraper. Utopia ceramics are suitable for microwave use, however be advised that any decorated item that includes metal will not be microwave safe. Use cutlery that is of a high grade steel as a minimum requirement, as some cutlery in use today is made from low-grade steel, which being soft in nature increases the chance of metal marking. Using metal utensils against ceramics can also cause metal marking, try to keep this to a minimum or use plastic utensils.


Utopia’s products are specially designed to withstand the rigors of the Foodservice and Hospitality trade, including automatic dishwashing found widely in most businesses. To ensure the quality level of the product is it important to take note of the following: Strictly follow recommended dishwashing procedures set out by the manufacturer and use the correct dose application of the detergent. The use of an approved detergent is recommended. For effective cleaning, we recommend that the dishwashing temperature and the final rinse be set between 55 to 60°C. Operating at higher temperature levels in order to wash crockery ‘properly’ is a definite case of overkill and detrimental to all tableware. Repair or replace any plastic coated metal in the dishwasher that may have worn away as this may result in metal marking. Stack ceramics separately to other crockery in the dishwasher such as cutlery or pans and ensure items do not vibrate against each other during the cycle. Overdosing on detergent or using excessively high temperatures will cause deterioration to the glazed finish or damage any decoration on the product.

Metal Marking

Metal marking occurs when a ceramic item comes into contact with metal surfaces or utensils, which can cause metal tracing to be left on the ceramic item due to certain types of steel being softer than the glaze of the ceramic. Despite the unsightly appearance of metal marking, it is not a cause for concern as it can be easily removed by the application of a gentle household non-abrasive cleaner.

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