Glassware Care Advice


Do not put cutlery into glasses. Do not stack glasses that have not been designed to stack.


Do not pick up glasses in clusters. Be careful to avoid contact with the beer tap. Do not put cold liquids into hot or warm glasses straight from the dishwasher as this can cause cracks. Pre-heat glasses for hot drinks by running them under the hot tap.


Utopia’s products are specially designed to withstand the rigours of the Foodservice and Hospitality trade, including automatic glasswashers found widely in most businesses. To ensure the quality level of the product is it important to take note of the following:
-Always wash new glasses before use.
-Always use a non-caustic detergent as caustic detergents affect head retention, etch the glass and give the glass a shadowy tinge.
-Water on the premises should be stored at 60°C. If water is stored at a higher temperature e.g. 85°C, even when this is reduced because of travelling to the machine, it could still be high enough to bake debris onto the glass.
-Coffee cups should never be washed in a glass washing machine, as coffee dregs can taint the water and stain the glasses – this also applies to drinks that contain cream.
-If cracks or chips are found in glasses, they should be discarded immediately and never put in the dishwasher.

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