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We aim to provide best in class decorating and give our customers infinite possibilities through digital, screen and combine printing capabilities. Our Utopia By You division is best in class to help design, process and deliver your decoration needs. We are excited for you to experience the unlimited possibilities that Utopia By You can give you.

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How it Works

The first part of the process, arguably the most vital, is the pre-treatment. This is often overlooked and undervalued. It has two purposes, the first is to fully clean the glass of anything on the surface through flame treatment so we get a perfect area to decorate on. Without this there are chances that the decoration will not last to our guaranteed 1000 washes. The second is to apply a pyrosil flame treatment to add adhesive to the glass for it to be able take the decoration, again this allows for the decoration to take to the glass better.

Next is to take the glass which is around 70 degrees and cool it to the optimum temperature of 30. We do this through fans and forced air throughout the closed space. At this stage we cannot interfere with the glass and if we remove or touch any glasses they stay off the line. This is again to make sure that the purity of the glass surface is maintained

Once the glass enters the machine, it is taken around the printing stations for digital or screen or both. It will then be passed to the next station of UV bulbs, these are to properly cure the glass for decorating treatment. Less wattage will limit the glass washes to less than Utopia’s standards.

The final stage is when the finished glass is dropped back onto the belting and comes around to be packaged. At this point we can take the glasses straight to packing or send them to the nucleation line. This process is where a laser adds pits to the glass to aid the Co2 in the drink to be released more easily. We can do standard or bespoke markings for this.

Ways To Print

Screen Print, which allows for exact colour matching a rich, bold colours on up to four print stations

Digital CMYK, which has unlimited colours, printing on embossed and debossed as well a different curvatures which cannot be met by screen or other printing methods

Screen and Digital, to get the best of both you can combine both screen and digital together


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