Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Utopia Products?

Utopia products are for trade only, in the Hospitality sector. If you are in the Hospitality sector, our products are distributed through a network of distributors. To find your nearest distributor please contact us.

Where do I find Prices for your Products?

Utopia products are sold through a network of distributors, for prices you must contact your local distributor.

What does Lined & CE mean?

A Line is a mark on the glass to a specific level. A CE mark is a government verified stamp we put against the line to verify legally the line is to the correct level OR you will just see the CE mark, no line, this means the glass is verified legally to the brim.

Why Do I Need Lined & CE Glassware?

When serving alcohol in a trade licensed premises, it is a legal requirement that the drink must be measured using a CE government verified measure when sold in units of less than a bottle. This can be done using a measured optic, a measured pump or more commonly government stamped glassware. The most common measures for beer, lager and cider is 1 pint or ½ pint. For wine, 125ml, 175ml or 250ml.

What is Fully Toughened Glass?

Fully Toughened Glassware has been strengthened across its entire body making the glass resistant to impact damage at all points of the glass. When it does finally break, it will break into small fragments making it impossible to cause serious lacerations.

What is Activator Max & Activator Performance?

Activator Max & Performance is a type of nucleation which involves the etching of the bottom of the glass and is designed to increase the effervescence of the product and maintain the head of the drink for much longer than a non-nucleated glass, as well as improving the appearance of carbonated soft drinks when served. Utopia are world leaders in the nucleation process, nucleation is particularly suitable for enhancing the presentation of lager, ciders, and soft drinks, and is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of keeping the customer coming back for more.

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