Glass Decoration

Utopia has in-house decorating capabilities, with different options available at a low volume commitment.
Decorated ceramics, glassware, plastics and cutlery are a fantastic way to promote a brand and can be used to reinforce the name of an outlet.
And the process is simple:

Depending on the item and the decoration required, there are several different processes that can be used.


Silk-screening printing can decorate from 1 to 8 colours on glass. The glass is fed onto the machine and the paint is applied through a direct silk screen process, the glass then passes through a Lehr to be fired, giving the decoration long lasting durability.

Single Print

For large glass items, plastics or small orders we also offer single print silk-screen decoration, bringing customisation to a wider market in a cost effective way.

Hand Decoration

Hand decoration can be used for many items, from applying decorated rims, coloured bases or even coloured bands.


Transfers use a decal and are applied by hand for more intricate designs and multiple colours. Transfers can be used for many items, including ceramics, glassware, melamine and other materials.

Laser Printing

Laser printing can laser etch into glass or cutlery to create a design, ideal for bespoke branding or adding line marks to glassware.

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