Glass Laser Lining

Utopia has in-house verification status, meaning we can government stamp and line our glassware, satisfying all European legal hospitality requirements.

UK Legal Requirements:


Spirts must be sold in measures of 25ml, 50ml or 70ml.


Wine that is being sold by the glass must be sold in measures of 125ml, 175ml or 250ml. In order to make the marking more subtle all of Utopia’s CE’d wine glasses carry the stamp on the foot of the glass and the line only on the bowl.

Utopia also offer a flexible solution within minimum outlay on some of our wine glasses by offering all three markings, 125ml, 175ml & 250ml on the same glass to allow one glass to be used for all three measures, reducing the amount of stocked glasses an outlet requires. We can also offer our taster wine glasses lined at 70ml, ideal as a tasting measure.

Beer, Lager & Cider:

Must be sold in measures of 1 Pint 20oz (58cl), ½ Pint 10oz (28cl), 2/3rd Pint 13.75oz (38cl) or 1/3 Pint 7oz (20cl).

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