Melamine Care Advice

The correct handling and care of your Melamine buffet and table ware will enhance the appearance and longevity of the product in use. The following guide will assist you.

Melamine is a thermosetting plastic that is strong, lightweight and hard with the look and feel of ceramic product. It is highly break and scratch resistant, but it is NOT 100% unbreakable, it can be scratched and broken. Melamine is often used for dinnerware, mixing bowls and laminated counter tops because it resists acids, alkalis and most food stains. Melamine is hard and smooth and can withstand some fairly warm temperatures, but it does absorb heat and will soften if it gets too hot. While melamine is perfectly safe when it comes in contact with warm temperatures, melamine is not microwavable.

In general, melamine products are not designed to withstand temperatures that exceed 100 degrees Centigrade and should not be submerged in boiling water or placed in the oven. Also, be sure to avoid expose to hot objects or prolonged exposure to boiling water. Melamine is suitable for use over a bain-marie as the water is circa 70 degrees, to hold food above a temperature of 60 degrees. Melamine is dishwasher safe (as long as the water temperature does not exceed the 100 degrees Centigrade guideline). Scouring powder should not be used, as it will scratch the surface, also never use chlorine bleach on melamine buffet ware.