In recent years there has been more and more attention on creating as safe an environment as possible in the Hopsitality Industry. As market leader in the supply of drinkware to the trade we work hard to provide a real, practical and cost-effective soloution to this issue.

We believe Fully Toughened glass provides a solution to this problem. Our research suggests consumers prefer the feel and trust the preformance of glassware over plastic drinkware to enhance their drinking experience.

Fully Toughened Glassware has been strengthened across its entire body making the glass resistant to impact damage at all points of the glass. When it does finally break, it will break into small fragments making it impossible to cause serious lacerations. When the breakage occurs at any point of the glass, it sends a shockwave throughout the entire body, forcing multiple breakages to occur, creating a series of tiny spider web fractures in all parts of the body.

We believe that outlets which have experienced any level of glass related violence, or those which have license stipulations that require them, should opt to use Fully Toughened glassware or plastic for all of their main serving glasses.

Utopia has focused on providing the marketplace with an extensive choice of Fully Toughened glassware that will provide an ideal solution for any requirement so the perfect serve never has to be compromised by using the safe alternative.

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